Give ALOT This Christmas

December 11, 2009 at 4:18 pm Leave a comment

Back in September when our online message board forum was only a few days old, a member of our GrooveVC community shared an idea that deserves a little more attention today, given that we are in the middle of the Christmas shopping season and Vertro’s shares remain in a trading range that is only about 10 – 15% above the price when the idea was posted.   Groove participants should give strong consideration to the idea presented here – why not buy a few hundred or a few thousand shares for grandkids, neices and nephews as a Christmas gift?  The benefits to the giver and the recipient could be quite substantial. Here is an excerpt with a link to the full discussion at the bottom:

“Buy shares in custodial accounts for grandchildren, and provide the parents with the information on how they can grow their childrens accounts by using ALOT. This will encourage them to use the site, invest themselves, and spread the word.”

“Not only will you be a hero for being so generous, you can help them learn to follow the stock market and give them a number of very practical lessons in personal finance along the way. When you show their parents how to install the toolbar and/or use the home page to do all of their searching and shopping online, they will probably add ALOT more to Vertro’s bottom line than $350 over the course of the next year. In fact, the Groove’s research suggests that number would likely be between $47 per week and $78 per week. At that rate, that would add close to $2500 per user even at the low end. Why not spend $350 if you can make $2500+ for the company you have invested in, plus be a hero (and a financial whiz) to family members when you give them stock that will be worth several thousand dollars within a year and help them to learn practical personal finance lessons along the way?”

Full posting/discussion and reader comments can be found in the Groove VC Message Board Forum by clicking below:


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