Cyber Monday Update – Only 5 Days Left!

November 24, 2010 at 1:30 pm Leave a comment

With only five more days until Cyber Monday, we wanted to update and congratulate the Groove VC community on a well done campaign.  Groove members have obviously done a great job of getting the word out to friends and associates about our “Buy ALOT on Cyber Monday” campaign. If success at this point can be measured by traffic to the Groove site and Blog pages, then our campaign is already a raging success with record traffic that will easily exceed our traffic TOTALS for the prior six months.  We fully expect to see follow through to Cyber Monday, where we should see Vertro’s ALOT achieve a new one day revenue record, handily eclipsing last year’s $106,000 one day revenue record.  Just in case any of the new participants joining us this week did not get a chance to read the “how to shop ALOT on Cyber Monday” post from last week, we are going to put it on its own page on the Groove website to make it easier for Groovers to just forward a URL to new participants instead of trying to link to the blog entry itself.  Here is the link:

Keep searching and shopping ALOT and tell as many friends and associates about it as possible before Cyber Monday!

Buy VTRO / Use the Google powered Appbar / Bring 2 Friends


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Shop ALOT on Cyber Monday Shop ALOT on Cyber Monday – Its Time!

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