Groove VC Community Update – Travelzoo and Inuvo

April 11, 2012 at 7:05 am Leave a comment

A quick update on our two focus stocks:

INUV – Inuvo management presented at the Wall Street Analyst forum in New York City yesterday.  I believe we will see more of this in the near future as our management team winds up the most difficult aspects of the merger integration and begins to seek an audience with investors again after the long silent period due to the merger.  Inuvo has a great story to tell and we believe that it will only get better as the company gets more post merger operating days behind it.  Looking forward to the conference call management has scheduled for next week to update investors on their progress.

TZOO – nice article out by one of our own last night –

Keep an eye on TZOO today – there is much discussion making the rounds about the company being acquired and the stock is trading up over 30% on heavy premarket volume that may exceed its average daily trading volume before the regular market session opens.  The trading today should be quite interesting, as there appears to be a short position that exceeds the actual public float.  We should get a short interest update from Nasdaq after the close today, but the combination of the tightly wound float and confirmation from reliable sources that the company is in talks for a sale of all or part of the company could unleash an epic short squeeze.  The premarket session trading suggests that this might already by underway.  I suspect that it might be a little easier to get friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc. to consider joining our efforts and take a hard look at what is happening at Travelzoo after today’s action.

Keep spreading the word and keep using those ALOT Appbars, Bargain Match, and buying those Kowabunga and Travelzoo deals!   Don’t forget to make sure everyone is signed up for all of the Travelzoo newsletters too!  Keep Groovin’ Baby!!!


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Inuvo Update GrooveVC Community Update – Travelzoo Reports / Inuvo Conference Call

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