Google Play, the Reach of Sharecare and Remark Media

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I have a “Google Play” account and once a month I get an email from their editors telling me about various apps, upgrades, etc.  Today Google Play sent an email titled “Dr. Oz’s favorite Health Apps”.  It was a half page pic of Dr. Oz, a little intro piece on Dr. Oz  (in case you have lived in a hole for most of the last decade) and then it showed the apps he has chosen as his favorite health care apps.  His #1 pick was the “SOS” app, from Sharecare.  I think people are really overlooking the “star power”  and reach that Sharecare will be bringing to the table when it eventually brings its IPO to market.  Between Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, and the reach of Discovery Communications, Sony and Hearst Corporation, the Sharecare IPO is sure to be very widely followed and these high profile shareholders have not just the means but the incentive to drive as much traffic and revenue as they can for Sharecare.

Remark Media (Nasdaq: MARK) has probably the lowest profile of all the top shareholders of Sharecare, but we do not think Remark will be able to remain “below the radar” for very long. We note that investors have recently begun to take notice, as it appears that the very small number of Remark shares that are available to the public are being scooped up, which is causing the stock to move a little higher almost daily now.  Remark Media shares remain the purest vehicle for retail investors to get a stake in what we could be one of the hottest IPOs brought to market over the next few quarters and we believe that this understanding plus the growth of and its sister sites and will cause even more investors to “discover” Remark Media over the next few months.

Participants in the GrooveVC community have much to gain by using these sites (and the  search box in the upper right hand corner of, and when searching for information on personal/consumer financial information on things like online brokerage accounts, auto insurance, life insurance, income tax related items, mortgages, credit cards, etc.  Along with much great content from many of the leading financial planners and sources of such information, Remark’s deal with to provide the advertising has resulted in Google pay per click and contextual ads being offered, thus giving users of these sites easy access to many of the most relevant providers of each type of service the user may be seeking.  Keep spreading the word to associates, colleagues, etc. who can buy the stock, use these services and benefit as we help grow the reach and reputation of Dimespring while Remark shares move to a valuation that better reflects the value of its Sharecare stake and the potential for the company’s growing communities that target the financial and lifestyle verticals.


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