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Inuvo and the Growing Alot App Ecosystem

Inuvo is a company that has evolved over the last few years, growing from what was essentially an online marketing company that relied heavily on toolbars to drive traffic to the company’s Google and Yahoo powered search services, to a developer and acquiror of mobile Apps and rapidly growing player in the mobile advertising space. We get questions from time to time about the company’s apps and realized that there is some confusion among investors who think Inuvo’s results are still being driven by the old toolbar/appbar business that allowed consumers to install apps in their toolbar so we wanted to provide a little clarity.

Inuvo’s key partners (Google and Yahoo) were increasingly requiring adjustments to the marketing methods most toolbar companies were using to acquire new toolbar users and those changes in addition to the rapid migration by consumers to mobile browsing led Inuvo management to change its strategic direction completely. These changes started over a year ago, but accelerated dramatically in 2014 as the company ceased all marketing of toolbars and focused its efforts 100% on growing the mobile side of the business. The company now focuses on its owned and operated mobile websites, its growing mobile advertising network and its rapidly growing stable of mobile apps to drive the company’s growth.

Inuvo is now developing and at times, acquiring mobile apps (as distinct from the desktop browser apps on the old toolbar) to expand its mobile advertising reach. ¬†These mobile apps ¬†appear to be very well received by consumers, as some already have near to 1 million downloads. Here is a link to the Android store where consumers find these apps –

The Inuvo growth story is really just beginning to emerge and the stock has been volatile much like the broader market. However, the company’s increasing revenue and profits will eventually push the stock to new highs regardless of the broader market’s direction and investors who have taken advantage of this volatility and the opportunity once again to buy Inuvo shares below $1.50 should be well rewarded over the next few quarters.

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