Groove Update – MARK & STVI

December 26, 2017 at 12:24 pm Leave a comment

Snap Interactive (STVI) –

We received several notes over the holiday weekend asking why we chose to announce our new focus stock at 1pm on what is almost always one of the slowest trading days of the year. We originally planned to announce STVI at the end of this week. However, on Friday we saw a tremendous shift in sentiment against blockchain / crypto stocks (Crypocurrencies were in a sell off along with RIOT, OSTK, SRAX, MARA and all blockchain stocks) and since there was still a few hours left in the last trading day before Christmas, we thought we would give our community participants a little gift. With the big sell off underway in those blockchain/crypto names and what appeared to be weakness in live video streaming / social media stock generally, we thought rolling it out sooner rather than later would afford our community members a good chance to start building a position at a time when they may be able to get some shares without the stock moving up too much. Hopefully we will see some of that crypto/blockchain weakness carry over into this week so participants can still buy STVI at prices in that $6-$7.50 range before the company uplists to the Nasdaq.

Remark Holdings (MARK) –

As we prepared to send the STVI note, we got the tweet of the Coke toast pic from the Remark Holdings account and we HAD to address that. Remark’s management has been quite clever, among the best we have seen at using their Twitter account to keep investors engaged. This one may take the cake and we are looking forward to finding out what our friends in Chengdu were celebrating. While we expect to continue to see significant volatility in MARK trading, we remain confident that the stock will trade significantly higher from current levels and fully expect the stock to trade north of $12 in the near term. In the meantime holders of MARK should expect to see major price swings as institutions use every trick in the book to try to accumulate as many shares as they can for their end of year “window dressing”.


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Is MARK’s Kankan Doing a Deal With Coke? Also, Blockchain Incubator Snap Interactive (STVI) Is New Groove Focus Stock Remark Holdings Hits Wall Street Radar With Record Short Interest. STVI Steady and Waiting

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